Did you know? The wrong fuel management program can increase your cost by as much as $.40 per gallon!

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Comprehensive Fleet Fueling Solutions

Welcome to Fleet First! Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive fleet fueling solutions for business and governmental fleets. In today’s world of sky rocketing fuels costs, it is becoming increasingly important to closely monitor your company’s fuel consumption.

Our services help ensure your vehicles are being fueled in a highly controlled and efficient manner. This impacts your company by reducing the labor cost associated with fueling. Employees who spend less time fueling also return to work sooner, helping increase your company’s productivity.  Our First Focus© system reduces slippage such as fuel theft and unauthorized non-fuel purchases.  These entire savings drop to your company’s bottom-line.

Fleet First services customers in the business sector including large transportation companies, medium to small businesses, and city, county and state municipalities.

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