Total Fuel Control. More Profits!

gas_pumpA Fleet First Fuels card protects your margin.

Save up to the equivalent of 60¢ a gallon!

Your fleet fuel costs are soaring and prices are heading upwards again! You’ve got to get your fuel management under control.

But how?

Our Fleet First Fuels Card will save you on your total fleet fuel costs, giving you fuel control!

Do we claim you’ll save on gas with our fleet card because our gas prices are cheaper?

No. Our prices can change daily based on the world oil market.

One week our fleet card prices are cheaper than gas station prices and in a different week they are higher — But when averaged out over a year’s time, our prices are essentially the same as what you would get with a regular gas credit card.

Yet, you will still save on your total fleet fuel costs with our fleet card.

In fact, you may save the equivalent of 60¢ a gallon!

How come?

With a regular credit card, gas isn’t the only thing you pay for. There can be numerous hidden costs that are eating away at your margin.

Let’s say you’re an appliance repair company. Your drivers repair appliances over a rural area that spans several counties and hundreds of square miles.

You might figure your hourly expenses and profit as follows:

Service Call $60
Labor ($20)
Benefits ($6)
Overhead ($4)
Profit $30

According to the above, you are making $30 per hour. But are you really?

Let’s say your driver fills up his tank at the local cheapest gas station in town. While he’s filling up, he looks at a poster for a Caramel Cappuccino. So he heads into the store. As he waits for his coffee, the fresh-baked poppy seed muffin looks appealing. He orders it and heads to the microwave to warm it up. Five minutes are gone.

As he sips his coffee and munches his muffin, he chats with an old school chum. All together 10 minutes are lost.

At $30 an hour, your cost is about 50¢ a minute.

Those 10 minutes just cost you $5!

Let’s say he fills up twice a week. Each week you lose $10. In a year, it adds up to $516!

And that’s only one driver!

Let’s say you have 10 or 20 or 30 drivers. That would mean yearly losses of $5,160 or $10,320 or $15,480 respectively.

Your profit has been seriously eroded.

(Wage $20
Benefits $6
Overhead $4)
1 20 $0.50 $10 $43 $516
10 20 $0.50 $100 $430 $5,160
20 20 $0.50 $200 $860 $10,320
30 20 $0.50 $300 $1,290 $15,480
40 20 $0.50 $400 $1,720 $20,640
50 20 $0.50 $500 $2,150 $25,800

Time isn’t the only thing lost. What if your driver decides to put the Cappuccino and muffin on the credit card along with the gas?

That’s another $4.

Let’s say he only does this occasionally, say two times a month. Over a year’s time, that’s $96.

Multiply the number of drivers and fleet fuel costs add up even more.

(Wage $20
Benefits $6
Overhead $4)
Plus Twice-
1 20 $0.50 $10 $43 $516 $612
10 20 $0.50 $100 $430 $5,160 $6,120
20 20 $0.50 $200 $860 $10,320 $12,240
30 20 $0.50 $300 $1,290 $15,480 $18,360
40 20 $0.50 $400 $1,720 $20,640 $24,480
50 20 $0.50 $500 $2,150 $25,800 $30,600

You might say that you will check all the receipts for such expenses. How much are you paying your bookkeeper to track that? Who will track the bookkeeper?

Yet another problem that adds to fleet fueling costs is when employees fill up with a higher and more expensive grade of gasoline. We won’t bother you with another chart, but we think you can see how quickly your expenses can add up, without fuel management.

In fact, our calculations show that with today’s high gasoline prices, you might be paying 60¢ more per gallon than what’s listed on the pump!

Human Frailty

And the above scenarios are not the only examples of how lack of fuel management may be hurting your bottom line.

Even the best of us sometimes give in to human frailty.

And a bad economy can make theft easier to justify. Some of your employees will help themselves to a tank of gas for their personal vehicles.

Sadly, sometimes it’s a trusted employee.

Fuel-UpRecently, an owner told us that he had suspected an employee was stealing gas. So he “staked out” a service station.

He watched as his employee drove up to the pumps, pumped gas into the company vehicle, and then signaled his wife — who was parked behind his truck — to drive up to the pump in their personal car so that she could fill up her tank on the company’s dime!

In another case, one of our clients came to us suspicious that an employee was using his fleet card to steal gas.

Unfortunately, the customer had not activated many of our fleet fuel management security measures.

Yet, we were still able to help them find the culprit.

Of course, you can attempt fuel control by auditing your receipts yourself, but that can be cumbersome. It’s also very expensive to have your bookkeeper tracking usage manually. Especially when you have more than one fuel card.

It’s certainly not cost effective.

With our single fuel card, you can have all your fueling data at the touch of a computer click anytime and anywhere you wish.

You see with our system you can log into your account from a computer anywhere in the world and see what is happening with your company’s fleet fueling costs.

This data is updated in real time as fuel card transactions occur.

So you’ll be able to see quickly if any irregularities occur. You will have fuel control!

40,000 Fueling Stations Nationwide

and in three provinces of Canada

Fleet First Fuels uses the FleetWide fuel card. With this card, you won’t have to worry about finding a fueling site.

This single fuel card combines two fueling networks (CFN and Fuelman) for a total of over 40,000 fueling stations nationwide and in Canada!

Just look for one of the following symbols at either a gas station or a commercial card lock fueling site.

CFN-LogoFuelman-Logolovesmainlogoblog-pilot-flying-j-revised-ai-file-for-webpetro stopping centerssinclair-logo

These sites include:

  • 24/7 unattended fast-fueling card lock sites
  • Diesel locations
  • 250+ Pilot Travel Centers
  • 95+ Love’s Travel Stops
  • More truck stops and travel centers
  • Retail locations

And with your GPS system it’s a cinch to find fueling stations and card lock sites no matter your location.

Or before a trip you can simply log onto our site locator where it will literally just take a few seconds to enter your destination. Then you will be able to display and print a list of sites along your route.

You can also access a map with the sites clearly marked. You can even get driving directions.

Strong Fuel Control Safeguards

Your fueling program can be customized for your business and specific situation with strong and secure fuel control safeguards like …

Fleet Card Profiles — create profiles for different departments and groups of drivers delineating what they are authorized to purchase, when, and where.

Time & Weekday Limits — Restricts fueling to working hours or whichever hours you wish to designate.

Per Day Limits — Limits the number of fleet card transactions per day.

Gallon Limits — This ensures drivers do not put more fuel in their vehicles than can be used during a working shift.

Exception Reporting — Identifies abnormal fueling activity and brings to your attention.

Driver Identification — Every transaction is secured by a Driver Identification Number.

CFN Card Watch / E-receipts — Tracking tool that alerts you via email or text message when a particular card is used. It provides card number, gallons, product, site, number, date, and time.

Fleet First Fuels Management

With our Fleet First Fuels management solutions in place, you’ll be able to relax knowing you are on top of the game when it comes to your fleet fuel management.

You will have at your fingertips …

24/7 Internet Access — Round-the-clock access to track fuel cards and account information. You can validate and invalidate cards. You can also create card profiles and more.

Time Profiles — Shows the time and day when fueling occurs.

FleetWide-CardOdometer Tracking — Tracks mileage between fuelings.

Detailed Transaction Data — Guaranteed accurate data including odometer, gallons, price per gallon, tax breakout, time, date, and much more.

Custom Management Reports — Create reports that help you accurately view your company’s fuel usage. Eliminates manual calculation and time-consuming verification protocols.

Single Invoice — One detailed invoice for all fuel purchases.

Getting started is easy.

Geary-GalushaWhen you call Fleet First Fuels you’ll get friendly service from a real person.

We won’t ask you to punch a bunch of numbers for voice mail. Promise.

Our sales manager, Geary Galusha, will answer your questions and help you sign up.

When you get your new FleetWide card, Geary will assist you in customizing it to ensure you optimize its features for your company’s needs.

Call 559.584.5690 today … and don’t forget to ask for Geary.

P.S. Call today to get a FREE COST-ANALYSIS of your current fuel management program.

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