Did you know?

The wrong fuel management program can increase your cost by as much as $.40 per gallon!

Businesses nationwide are quickly learning the importance of controlling costs through a Fleet First Fuel Management Program. As fuel prices sky rocket, so does the impact of slippage caused by poor purchase controls and inefficient fueling locations. Fleet First works to reduce your total fuel consumption and slippage by:

  1. Controlling the product grade purchased at the dispenserMOST fuel purchasing systems DO NOT restrict the driver to a specific grade of fuel specified for the vehicle they are driving. Failure to implement this control is the number one reason for increased costs. For example, drivers often choose premium over regular which can account for $.20 cent per gallon increase alone! Fleet First will configure your system to ensure that your vehicles only use the grade of fuel allowed.
  2. Eliminating Non-Fuel PurchasesMOST fuel purchasing systems rely on service stations and convenience stores where it’s easy to add non-fuel items to the fuel transaction. Sometimes these items are even disguised as fuel purchases, and the only way to detect them is through careful MPG analysis tools.
    Fleet First provides your drivers with fueling environments where it is impossible to purchase anything other than specific grades of fuel, eliminating the problem entirely!
  3. Reducing the time spent fuelingTime is money, and every minute a driver wastes browsing a convenience store, waiting for an attendant to begin fueling, or standing in line to pay, increases your cost of doing business. Fleet managers have learned that an $18 an hour employee who wastes 10 minutes in a c-store increases the per gallon cost of fuel by about $.12 cents!
    Fleet First directs your drivers to high-speed commercial fueling locations where the only purpose is to fuel the vehicle. No waiting for an attendant! No waiting to pay! No distractions!
  4. First FocusMOST fuel purchasing systems fail to adequately report activity that will help you detect abuse. Fleet First provides First FocusTM, a suite of management and fuel analysis tools that help both of us keep track of your fuel consumption with the goal of lowering the total cost of operating your business fleet.