Fleet Safety Tips: Trains

Business Fleet posted a helpful video today regarding fleets and train safety, specifically, stopping for train crossings. This may seem a bit obvious, but as they report,

On average, nearly 2,000 Americans are killed or injured at railroad crossings each year.

Anecdotally, our office sits right next to an uncontrolled train crossing; in other words no train crossing guard. On a daily basis, we have seen fleet vehicles cross the train tracks without so much as a pause. While most think they will hear the horn of an approaching train, most drivers today will have their windows up with the A/C blasting. Being mindful of train crossings is essential for fleet drivers.

Take a moment to remind your employees about best driving practices. Your company vehicles, and even more importantly, your employees are at risk.

Keep on trucking.

Feedback: How do you encourage safe driving practices with your employees?