New Site Locator App

If you have been with Fleet First Fuels for any length of time, hopefully you’ve been using our site locator app to quickly and conveniently locate the network stations closest to you. With over 55,000 sites now on the network, this becomes more convenient every day.

Customers using the iPhone or iPad lost the use of this app several months ago, when the iOS was updated. Today, Fleet First Fuels is happy to announce a new and updated site locator app for the Fleetwide network; the Fuelman Mobile locator app. Fuelman has been a part of the Fleetwide network for over a decade, and now the Fuelman Mobile app is available to locate sites across the Fleetwide network.


You can find the Fuelman Mobile app in the Google Play store or in the iTunes app store. Simply search for “Fuelman Mobile.”

Screenshot_2014-09-15-09-21-09This updated app uses GPS to instantly show you the closest sites on the network. Simply tap a site pin to gather more details or to get directions.

Screenshot_2014-09-22-15-33-21At Fleet First Fuels, we strive to provide our customers with the best tools to manage fleet fueling and fuel management. Have your drivers download the Fuelman Mobile app today.

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