Just a quick note to express our thanks for the difference your company has made in a product we use every day. The last company we used kept changing their representatives and never really made a connection with us; we were just a number. It is nice to have you on my cell phone and know that you will answer when I call. We have been inputting the data use report in our Zware maintenance and have been able to track MPG, and recently were able to see when a vehicle lost mileage. When the mechanic looked he found some emission problems that were affecting the MPG. Problem solved, MONEY SAVED! Thanks again.

—Abe Torres, Mr. Rooter Plumbing South and Central Valley

“Fleet First Fuels has completely changed the way our company looks at fuel expenses. I’m able to control when and how often my drivers fuel up. I also get an email each time they purchase fuel. Add in reports that give me accurate MPG info and it would be next to impossible for my employees to steal fuel…and they know it!”

—Dylan Conner, Mr. Appliance of the Central Valley

“Roe Oil is an invaluable partner of our business. They were very thorough in explaining their program, were flexible to our needs and provided key insight and guidance on how to establish our fuel policies for our technicians. As time progressed they worked with us when we had billing questions, were amenable to payment options, and continued to be there as we fine-tuned our company’s operations. With their help we’ve been able to get a solid grip on what we spend, who spends it, and what exceptions we need to address.”

—Bob Gallup, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Indiana

“Our experience with Fleet First Fuels has been great. The locations are convenient and the invoices are easy to read. I can see where the technician fueled up, how much he pumped, and how much mileage each time to help prevent theft.”

—Jon Lalanne, President-Glass Doctor Porterville