Where’s the Tipping Point?

January 1st. A day known for parties, personal resolutions, and plans for the future. A day of hope and expectancy.

That was the past.

Fast forward to January 1, 2015. Because that is the day that Californians will wake up and find a new reality. Welcome to higher gas prices and increased cost of living.

You see, January 1, 2015 will see the implementation of AB 32 on fuel in the state of California. That means that the cap and trade bill passed in 2006, will now be arbitrarily stamped onto the general public in the form of increased gas prices. Thank you California Air Resources Board (CARB). You mean, a government agency can increase the cost of fuel on a whim? Scary right?

Scary Gas Station

Scary Gas Station 1)Scary Gas Station, by Richard Schatzberger CC BY-SA 2.0

Non-partisan analysts predict that the price per gallon for gasoline and diesel will increase by as much as .20 a gallon…immediately. The cost will continue to rise with the CARB’s own analysts citing a rise of .76 a gallon by 2020.

So, come January 1 put your resolutions aside and get ready to pay more at the pump. And the grocery store, and the mall; anywhere that relies on fuel for transportation. The cost will be passed on to you. What a nice New Years gift, right?

Thankfully, some are starting to realize that paying more for gas might not be the best idea. Thanks to groups like Fed Up at the Pump, the word is starting to get out, and there may be time to put a hold on this disastrous piece of taxation without representation.

If you are a small business owner in California, and especially if your business involves a fleet of vehicles (1 and up), please take the time to research and take action on this important issue. At some point, there will be a tipping point. A point beyond which business will not survive in the state. And if regulatory taxation like this is allowed to continue, that tipping point may come sooner than most people think.

Check out what others are saying here and here.  Also check out fedupatthepump.org and see what you can do to help keep your small business profitable in the years to come.

If you are in the local, San Joaquin Valley, come out to a free luncheon sponsored by fedupatthepump.org and learn more about the impact of fuel prices on small business and the local economy.

How will increased fuel costs affect your business?

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1. Scary Gas Station, by Richard Schatzberger CC BY-SA 2.0